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As a leading supplier of technical components and comprehensive solution provider for a wide range of industries, Twin Seal has been ensuring business continuity. We save our customers money through customized engineering solutions, enhancing procurement efficiency and optimizing supply chain management.

Since its founding in 2015, Twin Seal has grown from a small local Pune-based company into a nation-wide operating enterprise. The company’s success has stemmed from innovative and transformative ideas in order to provide its customers with the best possible service and a decisive competitive price advantage.”Twin Seal” is the “Authorized & Exclusive Distributor ” of entire GMORS sealing product range located in Taiwan.

Indian market is currently getting sold a lot of low-quality seals of unknown origin purchased from dubious  suppliers. Buying Sealing Products from us, you not only get a quality seal but shielding yourselves against the risk of equipment failure due to defective seal components and assemblies.

Twin Seal provides a tremendous advantage by adding value and saving our customers’ money at any point in their product development chain.


Our Professional Capabilities:

  • Being an engineering-led solution provider with in-depth customer application knowledge across a broad range of industries;
  • Sourcing a wide range of high-quality standard and customized sealing components and delivering them in ways that enhance our customers’ supply-chain performance;
  • Pro actively serving Indian original equipment manufacturers (OEMs);
  • Sharing our expertise by publishing comprehensive catalogues and detailed technical specifications, and by hosting new product presentations;
  • Fostering a professional environment that encourages entrepreneurial thinking, pragmatic decision-making and teamwork at the highest level.
  • Sealing the needs perfectly, Twin Seal Your logical Supplier for Sealing Products and Solutions.